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Scholarships 2015


Please notice that we have granted over 300 scholarships to the Italian Cultural Institutes in the world and to the Universities with whom we collaborate. These scholarships (100% and 50%) are for Ita...

Italiano cantando


It is a new course dedicated to those who want to learn Italian by singing popular music, to students who love to sing and to those who need to improve their pronunciation, but also to those who simpl...

Montepulciano Blog


Friends of the Sasso and of Montepulciano, do not miss Montepulciano Blog! From now on it will be the narrator of Montepulciano, the place where you'll find daily original content and authentic, infor...

Gift certificates


Looking for gift ideas? What do you give the person who has everything? How about a language course? Give the gift of an Italian language course. Please complete the enrolment form (

Post on our blog and win! PRIZES: 1° PRIZE a 2-week group course; 2° PRIZE a 1-week group course; 3° PRIZE 50% off (valid for a 1 or 2 week group course); 4° PRIZE 30% off (v...