Lob & Kritik

Lob & Kritik von Studenten, die die Italienischschule Il Sasso in Montepulciano besucht haben. Außerdem gibt's an dieser Stelle weitere Informationen in Sachen Schule, Stadt und Freizeit sowie Restauranttipps und mehr.

Marcin (Polonia)


Studying foreign languages is my passion and during the last 20 years I have been to numerous schools across different countries, so I think I have a fairly good base to compare and Il Sasso was hands down among the best experiences I had so far. Extremely professional, attentive, supportive, but first and foremost with one goal in mind - to help you max out your time at the school and make sure you will get the optimal does of Italian you can absorb. I had 5h of individual classes a day and during the two-week course my goal was simple - I wanted talk and improve it as much as I could. I have to say, that from the very first minute I was really impressed with the approach of my teachers. While they were immersing me in spoken Italian they did manage to smuggle quite some grammar, which normally really try to avoid. One does not work without the other and this is was definitely the perfect approach for me. Having said that, I am sure, that should you be looking for a different one - like focusing more on reading, writing or grammar - they will be more than happy to accommodate, but do expect they will smuggle the remaining elements in due course ☺ OK, but that's my experience - let me talk about the results. Within just two weeks of intensive classes I managed to turn my passive, elementary Italian to an active intermediate one. I speak Spanish, so it did help, but most of the excellent result is definitely the approach and methodology of the amazing teachers at Il Sasso. Whether you want to just give it a try for day, do a longer 1, 2, 3+ weeks course solo or in a group or maybe polish your intermediate Italian and get it to an advance level, Il Sasso is the place for you. Give it a try and I am sure you won't regret it!

Ellen (USA)


Il Sasso is an excellent language school. I attended the school for one month this past spring. The teachers are wonderful and the classes well organized, fun and focused. Montepulciano is a great town to call home and the countryside is beautiful - a hiker's paradise. I highly recommend Il Sasso!

Judith (Australia)


Per riassumere Il Sasso è una scuola di lingua eccezionale, che consiglierei a chiunque di qualsiasi età che desiderano imparare l'italiano. Gli insegnanti sono altamente qualificati, entusiasti e in grado di trattare con una gamma di diverse nazionalità, età e le aspirazioni degli studenti (Grazie Cinzia, Sara, Constanza e Silvia)! L'amministrazione della scuola è eccellente e la parte anteriore della persona di casa, Heike, è una leggenda. C'è nessun problema lei riesce a risolvere, e la sua capacità di parlare 4 o 5 lingue correntemente è di enorme aiuto. La scuola si trova in posizione centrale nella splendida cittadina di Montepulciano, e il benvenuto danarose e incoraggiare gli studenti nel loro tentativo di praticare la propria italiano. Ho viaggiato a mezza via tra il mondo due volte per frequentare la scuola e in quasi 80 anni di età si richiede un impegno significativo. Anche io sono una recensione molto critico, come la mia professione era insegnare inglese di madrelingua irrequieti. Ho consigliato la scuola a molti amici qui in Australia Occidentale che hanno accettato che Il Sasso "perfetto" da un punto di vista professionale ed è molto divertente, ( e per l'ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo.)

Jana (Slovacchia)


Il Sasso is a great language school with tradition and full of great and very nice people. Teachers are amazing and I enjoy this place very much. Montepulciano is probably the nicest town in Tuscany with familiar and friendly atmosphere. Definitely I will come back.

Jean-Michel (Francia)


Da qualche anno stavo cercando il posto giusto in cui sarebbe stato possibile condividere i diversi ambiti che costituiscono il mondo italiano. Per grande fortuna, l'ho trovato quando sono entrato nella scuola Il Sasso. Ci ho trovato una squadra d'insegnanti dediti a far conoscere la loro lingua, la loro cultura, la loro storia e anche i diversi aspetti della vita politica italiana. Mi sono sentito tanto a mio agio per imparare e far progredire la mia conoscenza dell'italiano e della vita italiana, che dopo questa prima esperienza, non vedo l'ora di tornare ogni anno per tre o quattro settimane sui banchi della scuola. Per chi ama l'Italia e ne ha la possibilità, la porta da aprire e quella del Sasso.

Gerhard (Austria)


After searching for a long time to find a small / family style Italian Language school in Tuscany - I found "Il Sasso". I have been attending classes at Il Sasso, in Montepulciano for two years now and will be back again in June for three weeks. This is a wonderful school with small classes and an excellent, efficient Administrator Heike - from beginners to advanced students - for all age groups I always felt very comfortable and my language skills improved with the help of the great Insegnante's: Eleonora, Sara, Gaia, Carolina - and of course my language is improving, the accommodation in the historic town is great, only a couple of minutes away from the school - another thing; once meets a lot of interesting people from all over the world at all age groups - and we are still in touch.

Martina (Inghilterra)


When I first decided to follow the dream to learn Italian, I researched and read reviews of many schools all over Italy. Based on reviews and my thinking that I might find a school in a smaller city/town more beneficial, I narrowed my choice to Tuscany. One review in particular about Il Sasso and the homestay experience convinced me to go ahead and book the full immersion experience for 4 weeks. That was back in May 2013 and what a fabulous 4 weeks!! I had no prior language experience so started in beginners class with 5 other intrepid travelers. The teachers were incredibly skilled, kind and patient and made the classes so fun and enjoyable with a mix of vocabulary, grammar, listening and most importantly speaking exercises so that our confidence grew day by day. The school also organised a programmer of varied afternoon activities including travelling to nearby towns, Siena, Cortona, Assisi, to cooking classes, visiting local cantina's to sample the wonderful "Vino Nobile". Montepulciano itself is a "secret gem", the shops, restaurant's, bar's, cafés and very welcoming and appreciative of the visitors Il Sasso bring to their town and are very happy to allow you to practice and gently help you with your Italian skills. It was wonderful to receive a Buongiorno on the way to school from the locals you had interacted with in the shops etc, so that you really began to feel part of the community. I personally loved the homestay experience, not only for the language practice but my hostess was a wonderful lady happy to share her Italian way of life and language and oh the wonderful food!!!!!! I travelled from Rome where you can take a train from Roma Termini and arrive in Chiusi in 1,hr30mins to 1hr50mins depending on which of the many services you choose. You can then take a bus right outside the station to Montepulciano (50 mins), total cost as little as € 13, you would need to take a taxi if arriving at Chiusi on a Sunday. If you do not wish to use public transport then the school are happy to arrange for one of the drivers they use to pick you up from whichever airport you choose. I subsequently returned to Il Sasso and Montepulciano in Feb/Mar of this year, this time for 6 weeks and again had an incredible experience! The town and the school were much quieter in the winter, which I feel certainly worked to my advantage at school as for 3 weeks I was in class with 1 other student who had tested to the same level as me and 1 week I had a 2hr private lesson every day as I was the only student at my level - a great opportunity for me to improve and practice my weaker grammar skills, so I would certainly recommend a winter trip! I am currently sitting in Piazza Grande writing this, having been lucky enough to return to Montepulciano a week ago for the Summer. I guess that statement says it all - I wholeheartedly recommend that you come to Il Sasso and Montepulciano to begin that dream to learn Italian, what do you have to lose - well from my experience perhaps just a little bit of your heart!!

Fernando (Brasile)


Il Sasso is located in a very special place and also counts with a group of very special teachers, trained to deal with people from different cultures and languages, creating a very special learning atmosphere and making the learning process easy and enjoyable. I recommend it to anybody who intends to learn the language and at the same time to know a little about the local customs.

Alma (USA)


I've attended Il Sasso numerous times, staying anywhere from one week to two months. The teaching is excellent. I progressed from a complete beginner to the advanced class. As a more mature student, I appreciated the fact that most of the attendees were over 30 and serious about learning. My apartments were always comfortable, often with stunning views of the countryside. There are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. The locals are friendly and welcoming, something that one does not find in other Tuscan towns that have been overrun by tourists. On occasion we traded language skills. I highly recommend the school. After studying at Il Sasso, I've had Italians say to me "parli bene".

Kasper (Danimarca)


For learing Italian this is the place to go! I have gone twice and will be back a third time! For learning Italian I spent quite a while searching out and selecting where to go. I wanted a place that had experience with foreigners, where the other students were also serious and committed and where I could immerse myself and really learn something, that I would subsequently be able to use, and not just for ordering food and drinks. I needed to reach a level where I could comfortably converse with my Italian in-laws. Il Sasso provides this and more. But whatever your reason or goal, you will certainly leave Il Sasso having learnt much and being confident in using the Italian you have learnt. The teachers are dynamic and knowledgeable. They mostly speak only Italian and thus force you to listen and learn - though will if really needed explain something in English. They genuinely seem to enjoy speaking slowly and clearly – not exactly and common Italian trait! ;-) The teachers are used to different levels / speeds of learning, and are good at adapting and explaining things in various ways, until you get it. The teaching is reinforced by various exercises, talking and small games. Classes are small, fun and lively. You learn from the others and they learn from you. Importantly, the people in a class are at more or less the same level, and given there usually are many students, you can be moved as needed. The first time at Il Sasso I stayed for three weeks, at the end of which, with some help from one of my teachers, I was able to make a small, but correct toast in Italian at the wedding of two good Italian friends. Although at that point not the great conversationalist, my Italian had in three weeks reached a level where my Italian girlfriend no longer felt she could speak "privately" in Italian. The second time at Il Sasso I stayed for two weeks. This stay helped to reinforce my prior learning, added more to it, and importantly added correct grammar. I left being much more confident in speaking and found it easier to understand what was being said to me in passing or in proper conversations. In addition to the above, I would add that Montepulciano is about as lovely a setting for learning a language as you can imagine. It is exactly what we foreigners think of when we picture a little mountain village in Tuscany overlooking the vineyards. And yes, it is certainly possible to sit at a small Vinoteca or Osteria having a glass of wine while doing your homework. The various people working in bars, cafes etc. fairly quickly recognize you as a student from Il Sasso, and add their help to your learning by letting you practice “in a safe environment” and gently correcting your Italian when necessary- absolutely fantastic for improving and building your confidence.

Olga (Russia)


Для меня было жизненной необходимостью как можно быстрее заговорить по-итальянски, в чем мне очень помогли в Школе Иль Сассо. Мне было комфортно и интересно учиться среди других учеников, разного возраста и рода занятий, приехавших из разных стран. Занятия в небольших группах с несколькими преподавателями, чередование грамматики и практических упражнений, по правилам школы общение на уроках и среди учеников на итальянском - кто как может ... но все это позволило погрузиться в процесс изучения итальянского языка с головой и ускорило обучение. В конце первой недели меня перевели из "нулевой группы" в "элементарную". Было приятно, что в Иль Сассо заботятся не только о часах, которые ученики проводят в школе, но и об их досуге - организуются различные экскурсии, дегустации, шоппинг, приветсвенный фуршет и прощальный совместный обед. После окончания обучения кроме приличных знаний итальянского (я даже смогла начать подрабатывать переводами с итальянского на русский) у меня появилось много друзей. Я продолжаю жить в Италии, а некоторые из моих бывших одноклассников возвращаются в школу усовершенствоваться или освежить свои знания во время своих отпусков и навещают меня. Я тоже хотела бы вернуться в Иль Сассо, но, наверное, чуть попозже, на кокой-нибудь специальный курс, а может быть и на подготовку для получения сертификата... кто знает ;-)

Kristina (Russia)


Провела незабываемое время в Италии вместе с Il Sasso! Учила итальянский язык, как говорится, с "нуля", само обучение на итальянском, что значительно ускоряет процесс освоения материала. Обучение в группе, но индивидуальный подход к каждому, что особенно важно для начинающих студентов. Очень понравилось, как построен сам процесс обучения, в игровой форме учились общаться, строить диалоги, запоминали новые слова. В целом - непринужденная, но плодотворная атмосфера. Студенты Il Sasso - это и молодежь около 20, но в большей степени - это люди старшего возраста со всего мира, многие даже приезжают парами, многие даже не первый год...Возможно поэтому, в группе всегда царит особенная атмосфера, ведь люди собираются по интересам- все любят Италию, интересуются культурой страны и по -настоящему хотят изучать/совершенствовать итальянский язык. Обязательно продолжу свое обучение в этом году вместе с Il Sasso, ведь для меня это не только отличная возможность быстро "подтянуть" итальянский язык, насладиться вновь просторами Тосканы, но и повидать своих новых друзей ;)

Linda (USA)


Il Sasso is a wonderful school to study Italian, with the added bonus of being in a small, historic, and beautiful Tuscan hill town. The teachers are highly experienced, warm, and adaptive to the individual student. I could not review the school without commenting on how being in Montepulciano adds tremendously to the overall experience (need I mention the wine, food, beautiful walks in the area, Terme (hot springs). I Would give Il Sasso the highest rating possible. In addition to the day classes of individual lessons, there are group lessons in Italian as well as short courses and small tours. I took a one evening Tuscan Cooking class which was one of the highlights of my trip. If you want to stay for longer, Il Sasso will help you organize your stay. I had an unforgettable experience staying with a wonderful local family. My time there inspired me to continue to study Italian, and I am going to return to Il Sasso this year.

Tony & Anita (Australia)


My wife and I attended Il Sasso language courses for 4 weeks (20 hours per week). The school was well organized, well equipped and all of the teachers were qualified, enthusiastic and effective. The school offers anything from a single class to classes for many weeks at a time, delivered at the level appriate for the attendee. Our Italian improved dramatically, thanks to this experience. Set in the wonderful walled city of Montepulciano perched on the top of a hill, adds to the magic. The residents are welcoming to students and are more than happy to allow students to practice their Italian when having aperatifs or meals in the many restaurants. Altogether a wonderful experience in Tuscany!

Andrew (Inghilterra)


A wonderful learning experience! I had always wanted to learn Italian, but had done little about it. Then my new wife suggested going to Italy to study and we chose Il Sasso as our language school. We could not have made a better choice. From the welcome meeting on Sunday evening, complete with local wine, salami and cheeses, to the farewell lunch at a traditional restaurant just up the road, we were made to feel part of the Il Sasso family. Everyone was friendly and helpful, particularly Heike, the administrator, who speaks several languages and seems to be able to sort out any problem with out fuss or fluster. But the best thing about Il Sasso is the teaching. The classes are small and everything is in Italian but the teachers are SO skilled at encouraging students to speak and to use the language they are learning. We studied grammar and vocabulary in the usual way, but also played lots of language games and had a lot of fun in our classes. We had lessons every morning had a manageable amount homework to do every day, and we thus both made great progress. Our fellow students were another plus. They were interesting and sociable, and we shared many lunches and dinners trying out our new language skills (even if we did slip back into English at times.) We now have sufficient confidence to join in conversations with the wonderful local Italian people and sometimes even make a contribution! We would love to go back and intend to do so.

Teddy (USA)


Fantastico! I spent two great weeks learning Italian at Il Sasso in Montepulciano. From the minute the director evaluated my Italian Level to the classes with very dedicated teachers, it was a very special experience. I felt like I was living in a fairy tale village perched high over the Tuscan hillsides going with the Italian teacher to the fruit and meat market and hearing about and seeing the Rennaisance opera house. The school also arranged great trips to an organic farm and cooking lessons at the local winery. I can't wait to return and learn more of the language of Dante, Carravaggio and Roberto Bennini!

Jennifer (Australia)


If you are looking for a great Italian language school in a stunning small town, then look no further than il Sasso language school in Montepulciano. I've enjoyed many visits to il Sasso over the past 9 years and recommended the school to a large number of friends, many, who like me, make it a regular pilgrimage. The staff and quality of teaching are second to none. The delightful Tuscan town of Montepulciano and its people very warm and welcoming - a great place to learn and practice Italian. Over the years, I've made many international friends through il Sasso and I look forward to my next visit.

Olga (Russia)


Да, я теперь живу в Италии, уже второй год, в тосканском городке с жизненным названием Аквавива (Живая Вода), это совсем недалеко от Монтепульчано. Но, когда я приехала в Италию, то особых знаний итальянского у меня не было, вернее, они вообще отсутствовали. Так что, школа была идеальным решением для меня. Мене чем за месяц я достаточно многому научилась. Школа помогла мне не только начать говорить и понимать по-итальянски, но и адаптироваться на новом месте, разбираться в особенностях местной жизни, что немаловажно. Кроме того, у меня появилось много новых друзей, как среди преподавателей школы, так и среди учеников-иностранцев, с которыми мы теперь много общаемся (в интернете, посылаем друг другу открытки) и даже встречаемся, путешествуем вместе.

Katie (USA)


I had an amazing experience at Il Sasso! I came in with very little background knowledge of Italian, and I could hardly remember any vocabulary or grammar rules. After three months, I could hold conversations with native speakers, understand fluent Italian conversation for the most part, and could write well in Italian. Most importantly, I felt extremely comfortable with the language and was not nervous about talking to strangers after all the speaking practice I had at Il Sasso. I learned so much. The teachers were simply amazing! They know exactly what they are doing and provide meaningful (and helpful) lessons, interesting conversation topics, and supplement excellent practice work (in the book or they provide hard copies). The classes are kept small and are well-managed. I met the most interesting people from all over the world and that was an enjoyable added bonus. The school is small, but every single staff member is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. It's located in a great part of town- close to cafes and shops. You will love every minute here! It was definitely money well spent! I plan to return on my next trip to Italy!

Linda (USA)


I returned to il Sasso during October 2013 for my second visit. The quality of the teaching, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, and the charm of Montepulciano pulled me back for another top-notch week. My class was small, just three of us, and the teaching as always excellent. One thing I especially like is that the instructors gear their own language use and pace to that of the students, and take you just to the edge of the next level of understanding. I also really appreciated the conversations about everyday life, what we did after class, dialogues about our homes, discussions of food, shopping, etc. One of the highlights for me was the cooking class at Gattavecchi with Lillian. I participated in this class on my first visit and was hoping that it would be offered again. Sure enough, it was, and I participated with other students in a memorable night of cooking, eating, and drinking Gattavecchi wine. I highly recommend this extra activity. If you are seeking a peak Italian language experience, set in one of the quintessential Tuscan hill towns, look no further. Register at il Sasso today!