Adriana (Brasile)


Eu e meu marido passamos uma temporada de 80 dias em Montepulciano, e um de nossos programas foi estudar italiano. Frenquentamos a Il Sasso, escola de italiano para estrangeiros, durante duas semanas. Destacamos a qualidade da didática utilizada, a diversidade de métodos para apresentação e fixação do vocabulário e da gramática, bem como o profissionalismo dos professores, o que permitiu um rápido e eficiente aprendizado da língua. A localização da escola é bem central, com boas instalações. Também foram oferecidas diversas atividades extra classe de caráter histórico, cultural, gastronômico e da viti-vinicultura local. Ao fim do período, estávamos em condições de nos comunicar com razoável fluência em italiano, inclusive com os alunos de outros países que também frequentavam a escola. Parabéns à Costanza, Roberta e Silvia, que foram excelentes professoras. Certamente a Il Sasso será a nossa escolha para a realização de um curso avançado.

Pauline (Svizzera)


My teenage daughter (13) needed a boost for her school marks. First test after Sasso 9.5 out of 10! I also totally enjoyed my tailor made course. Serious learning in fun atmosphere.

Joe (USA)


I cannot imagine a better choice than Il Sasso for Italian immersion studies. I returned for the third time this past October (2015), stayed for a month and cannot wait to go again. Learning a foreign language can be a vulnerable experience, but the entire Il Sasso experience is so utterly supportive and intimate that it feels as seamless as learning our mother-tongue was in childhood. And learn you will! All of the instructors are amazingly talented people and have an uncanny ability to comfortably inspire and elicit ever-more Italian conversation from everyone regardless of their proficiency level. Besides the excellent classroom instruction, there are also interesting daily afternoon outings that greatly enrich the socio-cultural experience. At day's end the learning need not stop, as many students opt (as did I) to live with a local (Poliziano) family and continue to delve into the learning about this extraordinary land and its remarkable people. I could not more enthusiastically recommend Il Sasso. It is a great choice. You wlll not be disappointed.

Mary (Inghilterra)


It could be a very daunting task as an adult, to start learning a language from scratch. However, even on the first day of a course at Il Sasso, any fears will soon be put to rest. The staff are all dedicated to provide students with both the solid grammatical foundation as well as the ability to recognise, understand and use Italian as it is really spoken. They are so helpful and kind and they go out of their way to make sure every student feels welcome and that they provide an environment that is conducive to learning. The staff have a wonderful ability to group students together of a similar ability and encourage you to speak Italian words and sentences that you never thought you could string together! I have now visited Il Sasso three times and plan to return again soon. It is wonderful to be in a class of students of different ages from all parts of the world, who all have the common aim of wanting to learn more about the language and people of Italy. The secretary is so helpful and always very prompt in responding to inquiries and providing all the necessary information needed in planning a trip, from queries regarding travel to accommodation and also trips during the stay. I would not hesitate to recommend this language school, the fact that so many students return again and again speaks for itself. And all with the added bonus of being in a beautiful hill top Tuscan city.

Mark (USA)


As a former diplomat I've been exposed to a lot of language instruction. The staff at Il Sasso are easily in the top 95% of instructors I've encountered. Excellent at sizing up strengths/weaknesses and developing individualized teaching strategies. The family accommodations Il Sasso facilitates are user friendly and represent an amazing bargain, particularly with 1/2 board. At every stage of the process, my expectations were exceeded.

Brianna (USA)


Il Sasso is an amazing Italian language school! I spent three months studying at the school. During that time, I learned so much about the language and the culture. I picked up so many conversational skills while studying at Il Sasso. The teachers, staff, and faculty were impeccable. Classes were so comfortable and the teachers are so encouraging. I will most definitely return to Montepulciano to go to Il Sasso again. I feel that Montepulciano is my Italian home and Il Sasso is my Italian family. Please go to this amazing school to have the joy of learning Italian at the best language school!

Lois (USA)


I researched Italian immersion schools for years and kept coming back to Il Sasso as the best place to go. Finally this year, I attended and was delighted with the results. I was initially concerned about how I would be taught Italian in a total immersion environment but my concerns were quickly allayed. The teachers are masterful at teaching you Italian IN Italian. It was remarkable. I attended for 5 weeks and can't wait to return! As for accommodations, I chose to do a home stay to keep the immersion going away from school, and was happy I made that choice. And Montepulciano is simply magical. I felt like I was living on a movie set. So beautiful and the people were very welcoming. Also the area around Montepulciano is filled olive groves and vineyards, with many wonderful areas to walk or bike, and lovely surrounding Tuscan towns. Also Sienna and Florence are easy train rides away. I visited both while there. I HIGHLY recommend Il Sasso for anyone who is serious about learning Italian in a gorgeous, welcoming setting! I am definitely going to return!!!

Penny (USA)


This fall I spent 2 weeks at Il Sasso, after being there for one week in 2014. I hope to return next year, as it is for me a very invigorating experience. The teachers do a great job of making the class both challenging and fun for all students, and I appreciate the high expectations that they have for themselves and for us. My husband was with me, and while he didn't attend classes at the school, he was quite content to explore the area by visiting the nearby towns, going to the spa just down the hill, and going birdwatching with a guide.

Gary (USA)


For a number of years I thought about taking classes at Il Sasso. When I finally was in Italy for a while I emailed and got a last minute spot. They were incredibly responsive and lined up a fantastic apartment with an amazing view over Tuscan vineyards. I was going to just spend a week but quickly decided to stay for all the remaining days on my trip. I think 3 weeks would be ideal and there is so much to do in the area. I had a car which is easy to park in and drive around Montepulciano. I am hoping to make taking Italian at Il Sasso an annual experience. It would be worthwhile for any level.

Gary (Australia)


I studied Italian at Il Sasso, the school for foreigners, in Montepulciano for 2 weeks. The teachers were friendly, knowledgeable, and able to teach small groups very successfully. Anyone one who wants to learn Italian, from beginner to experienced students should go to Il Sasso for at least a week or two. The pace of learning is geared to getting you up to speed with Italian in a relaxed but progressive atmosphere. Their approach is systematic and at times great fun. My spoken Italian improved dramatically. I will go back again in a heartbeat when I next go to Italy at the start of my holiday for a quick refresher course.

Peter (Australia)


I spent 3 weeks in September-October this year at Il Sasso. This was my fourth visit in as many years, because I love the environment of learning and culture provided by the school and the town. I would recommend the experience to anyone wanting to learn to speak Italian. The classes are small (4-7 people in my experience) which means everyone has the opportunity to participate and therefore learn. The wide range of nationalities and age of students (< 20 to > 70 years in my classes) helped create an interesting and stimulating experience both in and out of class. The teachers are highly qualified, enthusiastic and perceptive about individual student's abilities and learning a language-thank you this year to Roberta, Sara and Eleonora, but in previous years Cinzia, Alberto…..). They also bring a sense of humour and love of Italian culture to their teaching that makes learning enjoyable, interesting and relevant. The emphasis in the classes has been on developing conversation but with a steady progression of enough grammar as a background. Heike at the front desk, whose motto appears to be "problems are there to be solved" has always calmly and efficiently managed my enrolment, accommodation and other questions whether online or during the course. I would recommend staying with a local family, as I have done each time, if you want to try a more complete immersion in the language and culture. I have also enjoyed many of the schools extra-curricular activities, conducted in Italian, both inside the town and in the surrounding countryside. The town, although small, has musical events, artisanal stores and beautiful buildings. Many people are prepared to help with the language, especially if they know you attend the school. In summary I think that the key to learning a language is to immerse oneself in the language and culture with good teachers in a welcoming environment and Il Sasso and Montepulciano provide all of these things.

Desley (USA)


I attended Il Sasso for 3 weeks in 2014, and 2 weeks in 2015. I'm already organising to go back for 2016 - I just have to work out how many weeks I can be away from work. The teachers are all wonderfully helpful and kind and it's lots of fun! There are "extracurricular" activities, such as cooking classes and visits to interesting places, and the whole town is willing to help you with your language. The owner of a cafe helped me with my homework! I thoroughly recommend it!

Richard (USA)


Rules of Italian grammar can be read or imparted in a classroom anywhere in the world. Fortunately, that is not at all what Il Sasso is about. By sponsoring an atmosphere of spontaneity and discovery, the school facilitates immersion in the sounds and pronunciation of conversational Italian. This pedagogical strategy equips students to engage Italians in everyday exchanges, probably the best route to a sense of competency. The range of students is exceptional: it extends from retired expats to youths seeking adventure from all corners of the globe. No one arriving on their own should feel lonely, because the school sponsors a range of extracurricular activities in the vicinity. This is a thoroughly professional facility recommended by Italy’s cultural representatives. A positive sign is that the school attracts a considerable number of repeat enrollments from alumni. Even for older learners set in their private ways, for immersion I would recommend the school’s option of living with a family in Montepulciano. In support of this choice, the staff has decades of experience with families in town, and it will not steer you wrong. Although Montepulciano at some times of the year is justifiably a popular tourist destination, the town preserves its own historical networks of friends and warmth. There is an upside to the tourism: it supports varied book shops as well as artisanal stores. For its size, the town is home to an extraordinary concentration of cultural institutes and music events. To be sure, if you think that Italian is mastered best by lots of mechanical homework, you should look elsewhere.

Rob (USA)


Attending Il Sasso was an amazing adventure! I studied there for 3 weeks in May. I learned so much about the culture, the food, and the local history. And, of course, the beautiful Italian language! The teachers are extremely knowledgeable, patient, and creative. They incorporate different types of learning aids and games to increase your comprehension and make it fun! The local shopkeepers in town are more than happy to chat with you in Italian, further reinforcing what you learned in class. Speaking of the town, Montepulciano is a charming area with a rich history and interesting sites to see. My experience at Il Sasso was excellent right from the start. When I first contacted them to inquire about the program, Heike cheerfully responded quickly and answered all of my questions thoroughly. This positive experience continued when I arrived at school. All of the teachers are so happy to help you with anything you need. I highly recommend Il Sasso to anyone considering learning Italian. It is an experience that you will not forget.

Donna (USA)


Have studied in Perugia, Cortona and here in Montepulciano. Il Sasso is the best. Great teachers. Organized and responsive. Plus it is a great place to be. Highly recommend!

David (Australia)


I have just completed a wonderful two-week course in Italian at Il Sasso. For the past four years, I have been studying Italian in Sydney, just one day per week, and the two-weeks at Il Sasso not only dramatically improved my Italian, but also gave me the confidence to begin to speak in Italian. It was a wonderful, exhilarating experience. I found the school to be extremely professional in absolutely every aspect: from management down, it is exemplary, and all personnel are the nicest, caring people you could ever expect to meet. I went to Il Sasso on my own, and never felt intimidated nor lonely nor wanting for companionship. I could not recommend it more highly. In evidence of this, I am returning in 2016 to undertake two two-week courses with a week's break in between to tour around Italy and force myself to speak more Italian. You will have fun whilst learning Italian. Don’t just think about it, do it!

Markus (Svizzera)


I have attended "Il Sasso" in Montepulciano (Tuscany) for two weeks in July 2015 and I have met with excellence on all levels. The school's secretary has been helpful from beginning to end and has answered all my questions and requests competently and without delay. Upon my arrival my apartment was ready and I was given all the necessary information for the first day of school. I have attended regular lessons for two weeks and private lessons (2 hours, twice weekly) with competent and caring teachers. Classes were never larger than 4 students and teachers used a variety of approaches to get their message across. In my advanced class we used both literary and non-literary texts, we did listening comprehension, discussed poetry and newspaper articles and we discussed, learnt and applied Italian grammar in many different ways. The school has an intensive and interesting program of visits to interesting places, group activities (cooking, singing) viewing of films and many more. The highest praise however goes to the teachers, of whom I have the greatest respect. They all work with great passion, with competence and with a treasure of knowledge to benefit the students. I have benefitted from my visit to "Il Sasso" not only on the level of language competence, but have been treated with respect, kindness and warmth.

Nicole (Inghilterra)


I attended Il Sasso for two weeks in May 2015 following the advice of my italian professor in London, and would definetely recommend to anyone looking to actually learn italian and have an amazing break in Tuscany ... - In terms of lessons: the team at the school was super helpful and accomodative in finding a course that was right for me ... I ended up taking private lessons and was perfect as I wanted to focus on communication and in two weeks I actually progressed a lot. - The location: out of a fairy tale ... both Montepulciano and the surroundings ... If you have the opportunity to rent a car I would also definetely recommend you do so in order to explore the whole region which is incredibly beautiful and especially if you are keen on a bit of nighlife on weekends, you might want to head to Rome or Florence. The school also organizes tours so you get to see a few bits of the region. - The classmates: A very diverse crowd in terms of geographies and everyone is there with the same purpose and similar mind set, so you have a bit in common even if the age range varies ...

Ana Maria (Brasile)


Minha recomendação é fazer o curso durante a semana e nos fins de semanas visitar as cidades em volta, Siena, Assis e outras. Os restaurantes da cidade de Montepulciano são ótimos e preços bastante razoáveis. Eu amei a cidade, as pessoas e a escola!!!

Cindi (USA)


I spent 3 weeks immersed in Italain language training. Classes were small and all the students were well matched. I loved all the instructors.