Teddy (USA)

Fantastico! I spent two great weeks learning Italian at Il Sasso in Montepulciano. From the minute the director evaluated my Italian Level to the classes with very dedicated teachers, it was a very special experience. I felt like I was living in a fairy tale village perched high over the Tuscan hillsides going with the Italian teacher to the fruit and meat market and hearing about and seeing the Rennaisance opera house. The school also arranged great trips to an organic farm and cooking lessons at the local winery. I can't wait to return and learn more of the language of Dante, Carravaggio and Roberto Bennini!

09 febbraio 2015
Jennifer (Australia)

If you are looking for a great Italian language school in a stunning small town, then look no further than il Sasso language school in Montepulciano. I've enjoyed many visits to il Sasso over the past 9 years and recommended the school to a large number of friends, many, who like me, make it a regular pilgrimage. The staff and quality of teaching are second to none. The delightful Tuscan town of Montepulciano and its people very warm and welcoming - a great place to learn and practice Italian. Over the years, I've made many international friends through il Sasso and I look forward to my next visit.

09 febbraio 2015
Olga (Russia)

Да, я теперь живу в Италии, уже второй год, в тосканском городке с жизненным названием Аквавива (Живая Вода), это совсем недалеко от Монтепульчано. Но, когда я приехала в Италию, то особых знаний итальянского у меня не было, вернее, они вообще отсутствовали. Так что, школа была идеальным решением для меня. Мене чем за месяц я достаточно многом...

07 agosto 2014
Katie (USA)

I had an amazing experience at Il Sasso! I came in with very little background knowledge of Italian, and I could hardly remember any vocabulary or grammar rules. After three months, I could hold conversations with native speakers, understand fluent Italian conversation for the most part, and could write well in Italian. Most importantly, I felt extremely comfortable with the language and was not nervous about talking to strangers after all the speaking practice I had at Il Sasso. I learned so much. The teachers were simply amazing! They know exactly what they are doing and provide meaningful (and helpful) lessons, interesting conversation topics, and supplement excellent practice work (in the book or they provide hard copies). The classes are kept small and are well-managed. I met the most interesting people from all over the world and that was an enjoyable added bonus. The school is small, but every single staff member is friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. It's located in a great part of town- close to cafes and shops. You will love every minute here! It was definitely money well spent! I plan to return on my next trip to Italy!

21 gennaio 2014
Linda (USA)

I returned to il Sasso during October 2013 for my second visit. The quality of the teaching, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, and the charm of Montepulciano pulled me back for another top-notch week. My class was small, just three of us, and the teaching as always excellent. One thing I especially like is that the instructors gear their own language use and pace to that of the students, and take you just to the edge of the next level of understanding. I also really appreciated the conversations about everyday life, what we did after class, dialogues about our homes, discussions of food, shopping, etc. One of the highlights for me was the cooking class at Gattavecchi with Lillian. I participated in this class on my first visit and was hoping that it would be offered again. Sure enough, it was, and I participated with other students in a memorable night of cooking, eating, and drinking Gattavecchi wine. I highly recommend this extra activity. If you are seeking a peak Italian language experience, set in one of the quintessential Tuscan hill towns, look no further. Register at il Sasso today!

17 dicembre 2013
Sarah (USA)

My experience at Il Sasso was truly incredible. I stayed in Montepulciano for a total of 3 months for a study abroad program, and I know that it would not have been the same without the kind and nurturing spirits of the Il Sasso staff. Everyone there is truly concerned for your well-being and happiness, and they go out of their way to make you feel like family. My Italian improved tenfold, and I can now confidently say that I could do absolutely everything in Italian if I had to (and I did!). It was so nice to be able to walk down the street to go to class, especially in such a beautiful location. I recently read somewhere that, "If you live in a beautiful place, its beauty will be reflected back in the people." I can't help but think of Montepulciano when I read this quote. Not only is the city and its accompanying panoramas absolutely breathtaking, but the hearts of every person you meet are more beautiful than I can describe. Everyone is eager to meet you and happy to let you practice your Italian with them, no matter how broken it may be. They are a patient, understanding, and loving group of people whom I hope to run into again one day in the future. We were absolutely blessed with the incredibly beautiful townhouse we stayed in for our three months with all modern appliances and beautiful architecture. We always had countless amazing opportunities: olive picking, vineyard tours, a cooking class, and so much more! Though the town is quite small and there aren't many young people to interact with, it is the perfect place to learn such a beautiful language as the Tuscan dialect is the closest to "standard Italian". I would recommend going in the summer when the city is full of life and there are lots of celebrations. If you do go in the late fall or winter, be advised that the city is on a mountain and it gets quite cold! I know for a fact that I will be back to visit Montepulciano again sometime in my lifetime, and I eagerly look forward to that day. Tanti...

10 dicembre 2013
Angelo (USA)

I am incredibly impressed with the sensitivity of the staff and instructors, namely their ability to assess what each student needs and to structure the lessons accordingly. Apart from being excellent teachers, they are downright nice, genuine people who take a personal interest in their work and seem to enjoy it. I also appreciated the small class sizes, and found the other students to be generally on par with the school, that is to say, a wonderful set of folks across the age spectrum. The school is extremely well run. Montepulciano is a charming town with just the right amount of interesting sights and things to occupy your free time without becoming overly distracting from the learning experience. The town feels intimate and real (not overly touristy) and it certainly has excellent food and wine. Overall, I would recommend this school without reservation for anyone interested in serious learning as well as a marvelously engaging experience of Tuscany.

10 dicembre 2013
Julia (Germania)

The beautiful town of Montepulciano, I already knew from last year. However, I did not yet know the charming apartments and the language school Il Sasso, and I am delighted by both. I lived for three weeks in a spacious, clean, beautiful, and also low-priced apartment in the middle of the old town and less than two minutes from the school. I spent the mornings in a pleasant classroom environment with a fantastic panoramic view together with very competent and friendly teachers and nice fellow students from around the world. The atmosphere was always cordial. I've learned a lot, and during and after classes, enjoyed the exchange. In the classroom, there is nothing to complain about the materials and the methods; also the grammar topics and contents were treated that I had wanted. Only the composition of the group was partly too heterogeneous, more differentiated levels would have been good in my case for another course for the two weeks that I was there, but it has adapted perfectly. I organized my activities privately, which was also cheaper than the groups, but I think that the price for the organization was reasonable, and beautiful destinations were offered in any case. Common lunch and smaller meetings with the other students have enriched my stay. In and around Montepulciano, there is still something to discover beautiful and special.

06 dicembre 2013
Michael (USA)

The two weeks in October that I spent at Il Sasso will reside in memory as two of the best vacation weeks I've ever taken. I have studied Italian casually with friends and a mentor for about 18 months, and was astounded to see that the skilled educators of Il Sasso were able to look at my intake exam results and place me exactly where I needed to be on the language learning curve. That placement, coupled with the patient, kind, humorous and highly skilled teaching methods of Sara, Eleonora and Gaia ensured that I would come away from this experience with a significantly improved understanding of the language, and a very fond appreciation for the Italian people and culture. And the somewhat unforeseen bonus is Montepulciano itself. What a wonderful place to visit and spend time in, with postcard quality views of Tuscany at every turn! I was so enthralled by the place that I cancelled my plans to visit Siena during the middle weekend, and spent the entire time getting to know Montepulciano better: shops, art exhibits, restaurants, concerts, cantinas, churches - there just isn't enough time in a weekend to do it justice. And every single place I went I found people who were pleased to hear my attempts to speak their language, and pleased to help me when I asked. Truly a first rate experience in a first rate location.

04 novembre 2013
Carlos (USA)

Great school, few students per class, skilled teachers, in an awesome Tuscan town. I've been taking Italian for two years the week and a half that I went to Il Sasso was most helpful.

18 ottobre 2013