Mi piace molto questo corso. Mi aiuta con l'italiano - il vocabolario, la grammatica, e anche la cultura diversa di varie regioni. Ora capisco meglio il ruolo importante che hanno i dialetti.

10 aprile 2022

I have attended Il Sasso in Montepulciano three times since 2018. I wanted to be able to continue working with the excellent professional instructors at the school when I was unable to be there in person, so I started one-on-one online weekly lessons in 2019. These lessons have provided me with ongoing learning and practice of the Italian language. My instructor has done an excellent job of targeting those areas of weakness that I need to strengthen. I look forward to seeing my instructor every week, to our wonderful conversations and my continual growth toward fluency. It was a great decision to start online learning with an instructor at Il Sasso!

05 aprile 2022
Deb K

I love this school. I chose this school because the web site talked about the small town, the inhabitants who supported the students learning journey, the beauty of the surrounding area, and the experience and credentials of the instructors. Nothing disappointed. I started lessons online with Gaia after COVID scuttled my original plans to attend in April 2020. Those lessons were one on one over zoom two times a week. She was supportive and patient - it cannot be easy hearing a student mangle your beautiful language. I learned so much from her. When I finally arrived in September 2021, I was not a beginner and was placed into a class that supported my knowledge and yet challenged me. My live instructors were enthusiastic and supportive. I had an hour of private tutoring with Gaia after class to reinforce my classroom studies. I learned so much that I am returning for three more weeks this May. I am sharing a flat with a women I met in September. And she is sharing accommodations with another student she met before I arrive. This school was a wonderful place to meet and make friends. I lived in the town, walked everywhere, found musical concerts to attend for 5£, ate gelato, ate wonderful food, drank great wine and watched the sunset over the valley. This school and the town are magical. I attended the school in September 2021 after the COVID travel bans were lifted. From August 2020

24 marzo 2022
Mano Capano

Un voto perfetto: 100%. Ho studiato con la scuola Il Sasso da 3 anni. Dal 5 mese, ho continuo di imparare con le lezione online. Sono veramente efficienti per migliorare la conversazione. Senti più sicura di parlare in italiano. Preferisco lezione da solo con l'insegnante. Per me, penso che è migliore. Ogni insegnante è carissima e ascolta bisogni degli studenti. Grazie mille ...

22 marzo 2022

A chi si interessa all'arte e alla storia dell'arte consiglio vivamente di partecipare al corso "Italiano e Arte" e di passare una settimana a Montepulciano e dintorni alla scoperta dei tanti tesori della Valdorcia. Dopo una introduzione in classe, Sara vi porterà sui vari luoghi e non c'è niente di meglio che ammirare con i propri occhi ciò che si ha studiato durante la lezione. È stato anche molto interessante e piacevole scambiare impressioni e riflessioni con i compagni di classe, che provenivano da varie parti del mondo. Ottima anche l'organizzazione della scuola per quanto riguarda i trasferti in un piccolo e comodo pullman. (corso frequentato in ottobre 2019) Marleen (Belgio)

22 marzo 2022

Ho iniziato a studiare italiano attraverso questo gruppo online durante il grande lockdown del 2020 e da allora non ho più smesso! It’s now 2022 and hopefully the stars will align correctly, and I will get to attend in person classes very soon. Three of the four original students are still in the group and we have had others come and go as we continued along, all very nice and interesting folks from all over. We speak fondly of them all and looking forward to meeting some soon in person as we plan to take classes together in Montepulciano very soon. I can’t say enough about our instructor Sara whom I credit with holding my attention for two years. Who can keep me interested in attending a foreign language class online for two years?! Sara!

22 marzo 2022

Excellent first because Il Sasso accommodated us by offering online classes when Covid hit and we couldn’t travel to Italy. The classes with Sara were excellent, fun, a good mix of verbal and grammar were taught. The technology was also perfetto via Skype which for the most part had reliable service. It was easy to learn to send/share notes, photos, and files. Sara is an excellent instructor as she uses a mix of methods to teach including songs and sometimes online video shorts of interesting places or even grammar, foods, greetings, etc. Again just makes it interesting so it’s not all just grammar and learning from the book. The notes she sent after each class are super helpful as well so we can focus on the class versus just note taking. We’re finally getting to Italy so can’t wait to further our instruction in person! Definitely worth it if you can’t get to Italy. When I get back I plan on continuing the classes!

22 marzo 2022

Ho seguito questo corso nel ottobre 2019 e mi è piaciuto tanto!! L'insegnante Sara è bravissima, molto entusiasta e colta. Ha scelto gli luoghi moto belli e da l’informazione molto interessante. Montepulciano è un bel paese in cui passare 5 giorni (o di più!). Consiglio questo corso a 100%!

19 marzo 2022
Sara Stevenson

Durante la pandemia, non ho potuto viaggiare in Italia. Così, ho deciso di frequentare un corso online con la insegnante, Sara: Piacere dell'arte. Prima ho studiato con Sara ho saputo che lei era una brava insegnante, ma lei ha anche una vera passione per l'arte. Durante il corso, ho imparato un sacco di cose dell'arte: la storia, le composizioni, i personaggi, le tecniche, e i capolavori. Quando ero una studentessa all'università, molti anni fa, studiavo la storia dell'arte, ma non ho mai sentito un'artista che si chiama Artemisia Gentileschi. Lei era una pittrice molto brava che ha studiato con Caravaggio quasi 400 anni fa. Lei era una donna forte e moderna che ha battuto le forzi di machismo. Il corso funziona bene per gli studenti di molti livelli (tranne i principianti). Sara fa il corso molto interessante e divertente. During the pandemic, I could not travel to Italy, so I signed up for Sara's course: The Pleasure of Art. I knew already that Sara was an excellent Italian teacher, but I discovered she also has a deep knowledge of and passion for Italian art. During the online course, I learned so many things about art: the history, the techniques, the personalities of the great artists, and the masterpieces. Although I studied Art History many years ago as a university student, I had never heard of the artist Artemisia Gentileschi. She was an excellent artist who studied with Caravaggio almost 400 years ago. She was also a very strong and modern woman who fought against the machismo of her time. The course works well for Italian students of all levels (except beginners). Sara makes the course very interesting and fun.

18 marzo 2022

I have tried several different online courses and this one is far above and beyond the others. The instructor (Sara) is great and the materials and technology used in the class are very effective. I have also been so fortunate as to attend in person classes at Il Sasso and can say the online course is just as effective as their in person class. Of course if you can travel to Montepulciano for a class, by all means do it. But when that isn't possible, I highly recommend this online course. Grazie Il Sasso!

17 marzo 2022